About Limmex

‘Team. Truth. Trust’

You visited so many roads, structures, buildings, plants and projects. Right? If so, then you can guess what we are doing. Yes, we supply all kinds of construction heavy equipment. Elaborately, we import and rent excavator, crane, wheel loader, roller, bulldozer, concrete pump, dump truck, mixer truck, generator, dredger, etc. We make money true but we make country more.

Our motto is ‘Team. Truth. Trust’.

Team indicates to our working desire. We prioritize the work first. Our operations team understand nothing but work. When we find any opportunity, we start working on that starting from planning to development.

Truth indicates to our moral virtue. If anybody can prove that we are not truthful, our business will shut down that day. Actually in practical, without truth and transparency, no growth sustains. So, our management takes this issue very seriously.

Limmex Speciallization



Are you looking for equipment with your budget? Just find Limmex. We source equipment from Japan, Qatar, France, Germany and Korea. We also provide 03 months service warranty on selected items.



We can help you finding things like stone, piling items and other construction materials etc. Our profit margin is very little while supplying these kinds of items. Find Limmex to get best.



No need to get confused about equipment quality and price while taking rent. Limmex provide different kinds of equipment with fair price. You can negotiate with us as per your budget.



Equipment owners know how boring equipment maintenance is! We identified it and make it tension-free! Visit or call Limmex team to get best maintenance with low cost.

Limmex Construction Vision

Limmex Vision

Become the leading company among those who work fair by 2030 in Bangladesh with a sustainable earning of USD 10 million.

Limmex Construction Mission

Limmex Mission

By 2023, we will achieve the milestone of earning 2 million dollar and by 2025; our mission is to earn USD 5 million. These earning will be used in company development, employee welfare, social development and happiness creation

Limmex Construction Value

Limmex Value

Our value is ‘Client First, Team Second & Owner Last’. We value our client most. They provide oxygen to our business. Team carries the clients’ interest. Owner or management carry both team and client so that both of they function well